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 PS2 on ur PC/PSone On PC

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Which is Better For You?
PS2 Emulator
 100% [ 3 ]
PSone Emulator
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PostSubject: PS2 on ur PC/PSone On PC   Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:31 pm this is for PCSX2/ps2 emulator PSX/PSone Emulator

PSX is for slower computers 2.5GHZ processor and under

PCSX2 is for faster computers like 3.0GHZ and up

This is for ppl who have PS2/PSone games but dnt have a PS2 or PSone
that works anymore.

This is to Mount discs to Virtual Drives. This way u can have "Cds" or movies in ur comp without having more than 1 CD/DVD/Rom Drive. this can be used on any computer.
This is a List of Playstation 1 games
This is a list of Playstation 2 Games
This is a Hex Editor (when you just dont have enough of something) This is a list of PC(Computer) Games
These computer games range from Civilization to Various Shooter Games.
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PS2 on ur PC/PSone On PC
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