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 dishonorable discharge

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PostSubject: dishonorable discharge   Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:41 am

hey this is luvmyman... luvmywife and i didnt hack... we did at one point but then we stopped because we wanted to be legit in game and not be hypocrites (not to mention, nexon was starting to get really serious about that) Shocked ...reason we got kicked is cuz when we deleted the hacks from our computers, there were still traces left and thats how nexon picked it up...reason why sycness was so convinced that we hacked is cuz luvmywife pwned him in a game...ever since then he was so stubborn and thinking luvmywife hacked just cuz he got his ass beat in one game lol! (not trying to offend syc in any way.) yes we got dishonorable discharge but we can still say no we didnt hack because WE DIDNT HACK. i just wanted to say this cuz its unfair that everyone thinks we hack just cuz we got dishonorable discharge...but i guess once nexon or cbl labels anyone in a negative way, we're invalid automatically. anyways it was fun being in the clan while it lasted. i really had fun with all of you guys. ohhh forgot to mention...we weren't IP obviously we didnt hack...but like i said one will believe us. Neutral
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dishonorable discharge
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