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 Sick of Computer Slowness?

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PostSubject: Sick of Computer Slowness?   Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:47 am

Your RAM sticks may be filling up, so getting new ones will ALWAYS be a surefire way to speed up your PC!
and always Match your RAM sticks!!!
Example: Sadistic RAM 512MBx2 will act as 1 1024MB stick, which means its faster than 2 diffrent ones and more efficient than just one 1GB stick!

its called Matching RAM.

scratch but if u have 4 slots then get 4 512MB sticks...its no use getting alot of RAM and if u Match RAM its faster.
but you cant match all 4 of em..only match in Pairs. Like Sadistic Gaming RAMx2 and RikkiRAMx2.

This will always make your PC as fast as possible!

And if you want a new processor get an AMD...and make sure u take off and replace the Arctic Silver on the Processor Heatsync.
they just never put the amount you need...

You can buy a tube of it for 20bucks and it lasts a lifetime..and if its on ur fingers use BABY OIL!!
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Sick of Computer Slowness?
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