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 InFuzedZ guide. (Basics)

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PostSubject: InFuzedZ guide. (Basics)   Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:07 am

1. Sound.
2. Withdrawing
3. Reloading
4. Aiming
5. Assault Rifle Firing
6. Sniper Rifle Firing
7. Manuevering
8. Other Weapons
9. Camping
10. Sportsmanship

Sound: 1)
Sound plays a key role in any fps game, this can be an incredibly powerful thing that great players use to their advantage at all times. It doesn't require an amazing sound card, but I would strongly recommend headphones, turning off your music, and listening very closely.

Always be aware of the surrondings:
-Examples are maps specifically like Snow Valley where your footsteps become very loud.
-Death Room you can hear when the doors open and close.
-When your team mate dies you should know a rough position of where the enemy is.
-Even players falling you hear a sound sorta like "umph" you have to pay attention to those little sounds to take advantage of your enemy.

Withdrawing/Fleeing: 2)
Perhaps a lot of people are turned off by this idea. But if you're in a losing fight, GET OUT.

-Learn how to find cover quickly that the enemy has to put themselves in a bad position in in order to fight you. It's hard to teach this, but always try to keep a backup plan of retreat somewhere in your head in case the fight turns ugly.

- Along similar lines, do not rush the hot chokepoints of gunfire unless you're feeling like going Kamikaze or playing against noobs or just want to die. Always find ways of cutting off the enemy's access to such chokepoints or flanking them. It is not dishonorable to avoid a hail of frontal gunfire, actually it's exactly what you want to avoid.

-If you've duking it out with someone and not doing so well, leave completely and find someone else to kill. You've done two things that benefit your team, you've weakened the dude and you've preoccupied him with yourself. While you're off killing someone else, he may be looking for you and may be making himself an easy target for others on your team.

Reloading: 3)
Don't just reload in a middle of a firefight use common sense to take cover and find a safe place to reload.

Make sure you use your secondary weapon/pistol to good use.

I've found the G23 pistol to be invaluable in an incredibly high amount of the true gunfights I have. It fires nearly as fast as an automatic, has a good amount of ammunition, and is fairly accurate. Do NOT be shy about using it when your main weapon is depleted, it will surprise your enemy and it WILL kill them if they're not ready for it. I wouldn't even recommend pistol servers for training this, because it's unrealistic. You have to get used to using that pistol as a legitimate backup weapon because it IS one.

Aiming: 4) Well, this is something that is quite hard to teach and learn

Best Advice to give you is when moving ANYWHERE into ANY new area, check every corner nearby quickly and be ready to fire as you do it! I can't recall how many types i've been called a cheater for just looking at corners.

- Along the same lines, before rushing an area, especially through a chokepoint such as a door, run to either side of the door and peek through the corners of it to see if an enemy is camping close to the left or right behind it.

-When rushing someplace, keep your crosshairs at where your enemy's upper body or head would most commonly be in the area. But do not remain fixed to this point.

ASSAULT RIFLE FIRING: 5) This changes slightly from weapon to weapon, but the concepts hold fairly true with nearly all of them.
- Short range SPRAY the HELL OUT OF THEM but make sure your reticle is on the enemy.

-Mid range tap in bursts 3-5 Shots especially with the g36e i advice you to start tapping at this range because the scope is so deadly and accurate.

-Long range Always tap 1-2 Shots at a time, be sure to scope in most of the time but scoping makes your visibility and awareness to the right and left hand side nearly impossible to see.

You don't have to be a top sniper to use a sniper

-The biggest tip i can give you is to don't be in scope at all until you see an enemy
because since your not scoped you can see the surrondings and if someones coming up behind you.

- If only their HEAD is poked out though, try to get in a spot where you only see their head between you and your cover, that way they're only seeing your head too! Then pull out your assault rifle, scope in, and fire single shots at their head. This is far more accurate than most sni per rifles.

- Another tip is always quickswitch it makes shooting the sniper faster than pulling the bolt of a bolt action sniper rfile.

Manuvering: 7)

-Another very hard skill to teach, this is the crutch I use for less than perfect aim. I have never been the best shot, but I can damn well guarantee that I could put any of you on your a ss by manuevering myself around you. When I make an enemy spin around and eventually completely lose their aim then kill them, I refer to it as "breaking their neck." It's pretty amusing.

- If you're in a position where you are outnumbered, do absolutely everything possible to limit the number of guns pointed at you. Try to get it into a single-way fight and make the enemy come at you in turns.

- There are COUNTLESS examples of how to use everything in the map possible to manuever yourself around the enemy. Just remember that they can do the same things themselves and to always mix it up and choose different ways to manuever yourself around the enemy.


Other weapons: Cool

- Don't use your knife unless you just want to embarrass someone who's not paying attention. It rarely works in close combat situations, unless you've got a ninjato or something. Then it's a MAYBE.

-Use grenades sparingly. Do not just randomly toss them around, you only get one or two a round.

-Explosive grenades: Into a small to medium sized room where you know the enemy is firing. Learning to throw through windows is of incredible use here. Be creative! The more unexpected a particular grenade toss is, the more likely it will kill someone. Or, use throwing a grenade behind somebody to force them to come up back to you to die.

Camping: 9) - Change spots OFTEN unless you're in an un-nadeable, un-flankable spot. If you kill an enemy in an easily reachable camp-spot one round, you had better move out of there before he respawns and gets to you the next round. It will keep the enemy on their feet and get you far more kills.

- If you're camping one area for a long time, be sure you have several really high quality spots to pick between that are difficult to flank or that you can watch the flank yourself at.

- Don't stand still when killing someone while camping if they've spotted you. Use your knowledge of the map to quickly manuever for the kill. If you must, fall and take some damage as well. It will surprise your enemy and it is better to take a bit of damage than to be dead.

- Take spots where only your head shows or in places where people rarely hide. A lot of times, the best spot is away from the corner behind a bit of cover.

Sportsmanship: 10) - Stop calling people hackers. You can ask your teammates what they think of the same player, but chances are they're just as clueless as you. There ARE many hackers in the game, but they're usually fairly obvious. Keep your trap shut and play the game realizing there ARE people much better than you.

- Say nice shot when someone gets a ridiculous shot on you. Very often times, it just was a lucky shot and the person on the other end is very happy about it. Calling it BS is just annoying and immature. No one will respect you for it.

- Say gg even if you did poorly or lost in a clan match. It shows class.

- Stop ... calling ... people ... hackers. You're not an expert on spotting cheaters most likely. You have to KNOW what to look for. Another player with an exceptionally high amount of kills or no deaths does not imply they're cheating. Get this, they may just be GOOD. Good players do tend to eventually take hackusations as compliments, but it still gets annoying and very frustrating when nobody just says "ns" or actually compliments them for how they're playing.

Well that's it. Thanks for Reading.

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PostSubject: Re: InFuzedZ guide. (Basics)   Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:15 am

#2 is my fav Wink
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InFuzedZ guide. (Basics)
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