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 Heres An Sniping Guide directly from what i have learnt from past FPS experiences.

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PostSubject: Heres An Sniping Guide directly from what i have learnt from past FPS experiences.   Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:48 am

Jump Pick
You are going to jump out from behind cover into the open with your crosshair already aiming to where you think the enemy is.

Quick Peak
You peak around a corner without jumping, sometimes refered to as a shoulder peak. The goal of this is to try to peak out a distance smaller than where the opponents crosshair is. This works because most people realize their reaction time is not the greatest so they put a distance between their crosshair and the wall. (m4, but same concept applies to an awm)

Crouch Peak
If you can make your way to boxes or a ledge than you can see over when not crouched, but can not be seen when crouched you can use a technique like this. Although I am not sure if the bug exist in crossfire as in source, where the playermodel does not get rendered on the opponents screen here is the general idea.

When soloing you can use varying levels of aggression to your advantage. The basic levels of aggression are aggressive, semi-aggressive, passive-aggressive, and passive.

Aggressive you are going straight to the opponent and your main goal is to frag out. Example: Taking your awp long-a on port right away and just pre-aiming top boxes and strafe peaking. If you don’t die you will continue moving up long a till you make contact and kill both of them and take the bombsite or you die. You can either flash or just go with surprise.

Semi-Aggressive you are going to start out the same way as full aggressive, but after the first kill you either: a) drop back towards teammates to use the advantage to get map control or b) use nades/flashes/smoke to give the idea that you are working up, and then sit on a pick/rotate.
Example: Jumping out hut on ceyhan and picking the GR mid player early round. You could fall back towards A bombsite and start working out sewer hall with teammates, or smoke/flash/nade mid and then move to the bridge and awp the rotate from halls or tower.

Passive-Aggressive you are going to move up on the map, but not cause the first contact. From your spot you can either peak on an interval, or wait for the enemy to flash/smoke, and then you counterflash and go aggressive.
Example: On port as a BL you move up to the start of the hut at b, but you do not peak the corner, rather you peak at an angle into the hut. From here you can randomly peak the entrance every 10 seconds or so, or you can just get ready to flash as soon as you hear noise.

Passive you are going to sit towards the back with a plan of just holding the enemy back. If done incorrectly your teammates will call you a baiter. It is important that once you move on a bombsite that you come and help your teammates take it/hold it.
Example: On factory as a BL, you set up outside of T spawn and just watch the push to the door to long a.

Your main goals when soloing are to get a kill or trade (you kill 1 and then you die, 1 for 1 trade), give information to your ingame leader about how the other team is playing, and not dieing early round without getting either of the above done.

Going for a lead pick
When going for a lead pick, your teammates will sit behind you and be ready to execute a strategy as soon as you shoot. Since most maps are played with a by the 2-1-2 (2 at A, 1 middle, and 2 at B) by the GR, you are trying to give your team a 4-1 or 3-1 advantage.
Example: On blackwidow, you can have 1 player work middle towards cat/doors, while you take your awm to long a. You are going to attempt to kill the player playing long. Whether you succeed or fail does not matter, as soon as you shoot your teammates are going to round the corner get smokes up, flash the site and push in with their assault rifles. If you do get the pick it is vitally important you move up with them and try to kill rotators as they take the site.

This split concept can be applied to any map, the guy going alone delays his action so he catches players off guard as they are rotating.

Throwing a pick fake
The concept is the same as going for a lead pick, but your shot will just be followed by 1 player executing instead of 3 or 4 others. You want to get the kill and have a player move up into the void created, thus forcing a rotate from the opponent and giving you map control. While the rest of you team gets read to use the numbers advantage to take the other site.
Example: We will use the same blackwidow example, but this time as soon as you shoot, you and the other player are both going to smoke and move up. The player middle will move to cat/doors just like before, but he will continue aggressing into ct spawn. As soon as the player middle starts moving in the other 2 will explode into b bombsite.

This works well if getting a lead pick works out successful for you 2 or 3 rounds in a row.

Counter Picking
Counter picking can be used effectively by both GR and BL. A counter pick is where you send your awper to battle the other awper early round, and then repositioning him mid-late round depending on the results of the first encounter.
Example: On factory BL have established a good A bombsite take on factory. To counter this you would move up to where you can awm up the hill towards BL spawn. As soon as you get there plan on being ready to shoot. If you get the kill you can either fall back into the bombsite, move into pillars, or repeak. If you decide to fall back there is no adjustment needed. If you move into pillars to pick towards mid connector, it would be wise to call for a teammate to rotate into the void you left behind in a halls. If you repeak and manage to keep holding the spot, you have effectively gained a third of the map control.

This concludes my article on awm. If you have questions about anything in this article, or just using an awm in general just post them and I will answer them to the best of my ability. If you disagree with anything in this article refer to the first paragraph.In all honesty if you really want to learn as much as possible in the shortest time about how to play competitively I suggest you purchase anything from The Art of CS.

Walle’s quickscope demonstration

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PostSubject: Re: Heres An Sniping Guide directly from what i have learnt from past FPS experiences.   Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:12 am

Nice Gide
Lesson 2: Choosing the right sniper rifle
Answer: DSR-1 Tactical
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Heres An Sniping Guide directly from what i have learnt from past FPS experiences.
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